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Welcome to the Hassidic Communal Center for Russian-speaking immigrant in Ashkelon, Israel, “Neshamat ha-Aliyah”

Ashkelon, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, lies on the Meditteranean coast the city is mentioned in the Tanah. The mass Aliyah from the former Soviet Union gave a spurt to the development of Ashkelon in the fields of industry and culture in particular. More than 30,000 Russian – speakers now live in the city.

The Hassidic Communal center under the leadership of rabbi Gedalia Melamed, plays an active part in Jewish life here, and immigrants a given a feeling of belonging to a closely-knit and friendly community. The center focuses largely on education and on helping people in need.

Education, cultural programmed

  • Lessons on Jewish tradition, Jewish history and Hebrew are given every morning and evening men and women.
  • Also monthly lectures for older immigrants at hostels in the city.
  • Concerts ofklezmer music take place before Jewish holidays with explanations on the significance of the occasion.
  • Parties for children with games, prizes and presents are held every Saturday.
  • The centre has a library and shows educational films.

Religious programmers

  • Prayers are held every Shabbat and holidays.
  • Advice on all issues is offered freely toad those seeking it.
  • Children are prepared for celebrating the Ber-mit zva and Bat-Mitzva.
  • People undergoing conversion are helped.

Social and philanthropic programmers

  • Warm lunches daily.
  • Three meals on Shabbat after prayers.
  • Clothes for those who need them.
  • Small scholarships for pensioner who attend lessons every day.

Information programmers

  • A weekly brochure on events and activities at the centre is distributed as well as a brochure, on the portion of the week.
  • Newspapers magazines. Of Jewish interest.


Allocation of land and approval of the Ashkelon Municipality's building permit for a synagogue and a spiritual center for immigrants from the FSU in Ashkelon.